Art Direction of Photoshoots

Throughout her career as a graphic designer and creative director, photoshoots have been frequently required. Mary has art directed for a number of shoots that cover a wide range of products and services. She as art directed for a silver company, sausage company, fashion labels, real estate property, property management, nutrition business, local clothing boutique and children's books. This has obviously encompassed both still and live art direction. She is often responsible for setting up the shot, organising the shoot to make it as efficient for both the photographer and client alike, and ensure either the models or products are in place and in tip top condition before the shoot begins. Mary is enthusiastic on all the photoshoots and because she knows how the shot is to be used and presented at the end of the job, she can direct the photographer as to the correct proportions (landscape, portrait or square or all of these) as well as set the appropriate atmosphere to reflect the suitable look for the specific brand in hand. Below are a few examples of her previous photoshoot work.

These two photoshoots were to promote a new range of summer wear for Luna.

This photoshoot was for a new nutritional consultation business.

A studio photoshoot for Luna Boutiques

Studio photoshoots for 'Custard & Crayons by Polly & Jago'
A Wigwam Book

I have art directed many photoshoots for a property management company who would like to remain discreet
Abstract images only - rooms unable to be shown here due to required privacy of clients

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