If your business is booming you may not have the time to tell the world about the wonderful work you are doing. Yet it is important that the look & feel, tone of voice and articles reflect the essence of your brand. 

It is also good to connect with your audience and encourage the interest and followers. 

Once your website is complete, there is your Facebook business page to keep updated, followed by YouTube videos, WhatsApp promotions to specific groups of people; Instagram, Tumblr, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Mailchimp and hundreds of other platforms to choose from.

Here are some Social Media Campaign Subscription Packages that I offer. 

Each can be tailored to your specific choosing and increased or decreased based on your requirements.

Cross-Platform Branding

The focus of this service is to ensure that your brand presence is consistent and clean-cut. You may prefer to do the content yourself and simply run it through our design filter system to ensure it is fitting for you brand. Alternatively you may prefer to hand the entire coverage to ourselves on a subscription basis, short or long-term, whichever you’d prefer.

What are you paying for?

•   Relevant news of your brand

•   Authentic and relevant tone of voice

•   Correct sized imagery for each social media platform

•   Design consistency

•   Creative guidance and clear campaign directions

Subscription or Ad-hoc?

You may prefer to pay on an ad-hoc basis, to cover the times you’re simply too busy to promote. A discussion of your brand, expectations, wants and preferred platforms will be needed to be had beforehand, as well as access codes into your accounts in order for us to edit. A contract will be signed to ensure absolute confidentiality - particularly when it comes to your contacts. 

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