Summer Greetings from The DecorCafe Wiltshire


2021-07-20 2 min read

Summer Greetings from The DecorCafe Wiltshire.

The DecorCafe have asked me to become their host for the new Wiltshire hub. It is a membership club for creative businesses based on InteriorsGardensLifestyle & Business Support.  Once you have joined, all the events and talks will be free to attend.  These events are and will be both on-line and at a variety of local venues. 

I'm hoping to be able to fully embrace all the wonderful creative businesses that seem to abound down here in Wiltshire and near by, so that we might join force and have fun events, interesting talks and a chance to get to know each other well. The membership is fantastic for SEO, contacts as well as business support.

Do have a look at the website

If you are interested in joining, here’s the link:

Equally, if you know of anyone else that might be interested in joining, as long they have a creative based business (sole trader, Ltd or plc), feel free to pass this information on. 

See below about some upcoming events happening over the next few months and sign up to attend if you are interested. 
We have two new tours up in the members hub! If you are already a member and you missed seeing these events online or in person the last couple of weeks, Caroline Clark's beautiful home tour and Spark & Bell's inspiring workshop tour are both available to watch now. 

Also coming up later this Summer: 

Colour Association, Representation and Interpretation with Mary Till 

 An Inspiring Talk with Alex Chamberlin, the Artist Behind the Capt Sir Tom Moore Portrait. 

Home Tour: An Insight Into The Renovation Of Member Caroline Clark's 1920's SW London Home
With a love of colour, an eye for detail and a desire to retain some sentimental pieces of furniture Caroline shares with us some of the design challenges she faced in re-configuring the ground floor of her then very dated 1920’s home. 
Catch Up Here

Spark & Bell Lighting Workshop Tour and Talk
Enjoy a tour of Spark & Bell’s new workshop in Portslade is where they design, assemble, test and pack all of their lights to order.
Catch Up Here

Kempton Market Exploring & Sourcing Trip
The Sunbury Antiques Market at Kempton Racecourse is a lot of fun and you can find some amazing things! Following Anna Ainscough’s feature the organisers have offered Decorcafe Members free tickets.
8.00am 13th July
More Info & Tickets

Brand Colour: Colour Association, Representation and Interpretation with Mary Till 
Join Mary Till of Mary Till Design for a light-hearted fun and inspiring talk looking at colour association, representation and interpretation relevant to your brand.
10.00am 25th August
More Info & Tickets

Inspiring Talk with Alex Chamberlin, the Artist Behind the Capt Sir Tom Moore Portrait
Join Alex Chamberlin, an incredible artist most recently commissioned to paint the portrait of Capt Sir Tom Moore, for an inspiring talk about Alex’s art journey up to this point, the focus being around the portrait of Capt Sir Tom Moore as well as an insight into his technique in painting portraits.
10.00am 22nd September
More Info & Tickets

Hope to see you the other side - where talented designers, original products and skilled services abound! 

Mary x